Frequently Asked Questions

How many borrowers, loans and uploaded files can I have?
Unlimited. You are allowed unlimited borrowers, affiliate logins, loans and uploaded files with both of our pricing.

If I allow people to log in to their files, will they see files that do not belong to them?
No. Affiliate logins are assigned per person, per file and as either read-only or read/write. That way an affiliate will only ever see the loans that you specifically give them access to.

Why does the website force me to log back in after a while?
After a period of inactivity, the website will log you out. It is currently set to 30 minutes. Your session will be reset after you log back in.

I have signed up, but I have not received a confirmation email.
This is usually because your email client settings or your ISP (email provider) is not allowing you to receive messages from These providers are, and AOL to name a few. If you have signed up and have not received a confirmation, please call us directly: 713-851-4750.

Can I export my files from Calyx Point and Encompass?
Because is primarily a tracking tool, you will continue to use your LOS for all of your loan documents. To track a loan, all you need to enter is primarily the borrower's last name and possibly the closing date and loan amount.

How big can the files be that I upload into
The answer to this question is: it depends. Your connection speed to the Internet directly affects how large of files you can upload.Uploading files works just like downloading files. If you are on a dialup connection and you try to downloand a one megabyte file, it's going to take over an hour. Therefore, uploading a three megabyte appraisal that is in a PDF format will probably take a couple of hours. (Most people give up before this completes.) So, if you are on broadband, uploading files up to 5 megabytes is not a problem.

How do I "brand" so that it looks more like my website?
The page header for every customer is fully customizeable HTML. We provide a simple way of putting your name at the top of the screen. Because it is HTML, you can really create any type of page header you want. If you have a business logo, please forward it to and we will work with you to get this attached to your page header. / © 2004 - 2022. All rights reserved. - Terms and Conditions of Use - Privacy Policy