Getting Started Guide

  1. Logging into
  2. Processing Pipeline
  3. Pipeline Status
    1. Marking a step complete
    2. Changing the date
    3. Marking a step "N/A"
    4. Adding a comment
    5. "Update Processing Dates & Send Notifications"
  4. Sending a Pipeline Status Report
    1. From/To addresses
    2. Adding an address to the list
    3. Email subject & message
    4. Including the Conversation Log
    5. Including the Pipeline Status Report
    6. "Save Setup & Send Notifications"
  5. The Pipeline Status Report
  6. Comments and Conversation Log
    • Adding the conversation log to the pipeline status report
  7. Uploading files/Attached Files
  8. Borrower Detail
  9. Borrower Status/Closing a Loan
  10. Affiliate Permissions
    1. Creating your first Affiliate (and subsequent ones, too)
    2. The password email
    3. Granting permissions to an Affiliate
    4. Removing permissions
  11. Logging in as an affiliate
    1. Read-only permissions
    2. Read-write permissions
    3. No permissions
  12. Customizing the Pipeline
    1. Step 1: Delete all unwanted steps
    2. Step 2: Add all new steps
    3. Step 3: Sort steps
    4. Step 4: Adjust the section headers
  13. Customizing

Logging into
From the main login page, you have the access to login to You need to include your ORG code, User ID and Password when logging in. You can add that page to your favorites by clicking on the "Add to Favorites" link. If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you by following the link at the top of the page.

There are other options for logging in. If you have your own website, support can send you the HTML code to allow you to log directly into LoanCommander from your website without having to visit our login page first. People use this feature to further integrate our services with your company's website.

You may also request an auto-login id. This link will log you directly into our system without having to enter you org, user id and password. This is ideal for people who feel that they are entering their information too much.
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